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Overview of the Tactical Training Academy


The Tactical Training Academy (TTA) is a USA based organization that specializes in emergency management and training at affordable prices.  Our motto is to encourage others to "Live Trained.  Live True.  Live Tactical."  This means to be aware, empowered, and have the best training possible for all safety risks in the workplace.  As a cadre of current and former Law Enforcement and Emergency Managers, we are acclaimed internationally as a training organization and work with law enforcement, security, and government agencies as much as we work with the private sector.


Our mission is to provide professional-level safety training at rates the average person and company can afford.  Tired of paying 10k for an active shooter class?  We want to provide your employee team a way to survive and we want you to be able to afford it.  These funds are then re-purposed back into our non-profit outreach, The Underground, to provide free training, awareness, and healing for our local communities, local agencies, and international agencies who are at risk.  

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone (whether they like it or not), is now at risk of danger: in the workplace, in the public, and at home.

The TTA provides 24/7 on-call emergency managers that many districts, agencies and businesses rely on. If you're interested in a partnership with our team for multiple services, contact us for a proposal.  


We offer individual classes and certification programs for every individual and employee that may encounter high-risk circumstances.  We have the pleasure of providing quality training for Law Enforcement agencies, large and small school districts, bail bond recovery agents, security officers, loss prevention agents, hospital staff, managers and employees of large corporations, and civilians who wish to personally invest in their tactical training. We also commonly host multi-agency workshops, speaking events, and drills/exercises in relation to emergency preparedness.  


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