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Workplace Violence Training
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Overview of the Tactical Training Academy


The Tactical Training Academy (TTA) is a USA-based organization that specializes in emergency management, assessments, model policy/procedure creation, and training at affordable prices.  Our motto is to encourage others to "Live Trained.  Live True.  Live Tactical."  This means to be aware, empowered, and have the best training possible for all safety risks in the workplace.  As a cadre of current and former Emergency Managers, we are acclaimed internationally as a training organization and work with government agencies as much as we work with the private sector.


Our mission is to provide professional-level safety training at rates the average person and company can afford, which is why we charge on a flat daily rate per instructor - not per attendee.  These funds are then re-purposed back into our non-profit outreach, the Mission Adventure Camp, to provide much-needed training, awareness, and character development within our local community. 

The TTA provides 24/7 on-call emergency managers, policies, and site vulnerability assessments that many districts, agencies and businesses rely on. If you're interested in a partnership with our team for multiple services, contact us for a proposal.  


We have the pleasure of providing quality training for large and small school districts, federal agencies, local agencies, hospitals, law firms, insurance groups, housing authorities, property management, retail, non-profits, managers and employees of large corporations, and civilians who wish to personally invest in their tactical training. Your people are your most valuable asset. We help you invest in them!


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Email for more information on pricing, group discounts, and class outlines. 

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