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Quality Training

Indepth, Inexpensive, Internationally Acclaimed

Effective Risk Assessments

Your employees encounter countless hazards in the workplace.
Our emergency management experts can help prevent injury,

lower liability, and create a culture of readiness in your 

organization. From violence to environmental health and 

safety, our team can audit, develop policy and train your 

people on an effective plan to reduce hazards. 

Haven't had a risk or vulnerability assessment?  

We deliver quality multi and single hazard risk assessments of


Need a specific assessment completed?  We can design one for 

you and bring together the necessary resources to cultivate

a plan. 

Have a plan?  Our team of professionals will give you advice  regarding turning your risk assessment into a functional EOP.

Our risk assessment team includes first responders, Department of Homeland Security trained evaluators, and access to the best FEMA and DHS technologies available.  Each assessment will include a CPTED, technology, communication, workplace climate, and vulnerability review. In addition, we'll audit current staff knowledge vs. your historical training, policies and procedures.  

After full review of the weaknesses, strengths and areas of improvement needed for your building and corporate strategy to prevent and address violence, a full report is provided to you with levels of risk, commendations, areas of mitigation, and recommended strategies.  A typical next step is to begin building effective polices and procedures in an EOP (Emergency Operations Plan). This plan involves training employees, informing staff, and distributing solutions and policies to employees.

Tactical Training Academy Risk Assessments

Charged per hour, varies by location

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