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Services & Training for

 K-12 Schools and Higher Education

Active Shooter Training
De-Escalation Training

On-Site Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Training:
Class, Seminar, or Workshop (1-8 Hours)

At the end of the day, the level of training your team possesses -and the actions they take- will determine the outcome of any emergency. 

Offered in any length, from 1-8 hours, our training sessions for violence & escalation focus around our expertise in effective planning, prevention, and response strategies for violence. Our program delves into two primary types of aggressive human behavior seen in adults and students: reactive and targeted-based aggression. Within these two categories, humans progress through three key stages under conflict: anxiety, testing, and in rare cases, attack stages. Early recognition of these types of aggression, along with effective strategies to intervene in each stage (and before) encompass our programs: Violent Intruder MED Training (attack stage), De-escalation Training (anxiety and testing stages) and Threat Assessment Team/EOP Creation (corporate prevention). Our training engages all participants, with the highest possible retention rates. Our trainees leave able to actually act within a stressful situation in real life.

Our cadre of professional instructors who hold a variety of Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, and Emergency Management training certifications.  

Each course/workshop is customized to your particular facility and the unique risks your team faces. Training sessions are delivered on-site, where it will be most effective.  

Our programs have been proven effective in higher education, K-12 districts, charter schools, city halls, courthouses, hospitals, manufacturing businesses, international ports, and office spaces.    


Tactical Training Academy HARRP

Al Alvarez

Director of Risk Management, HARRP

"This training is perfect, the best I have ever seen. Bottom line, they gave us a fresh set of eyes and tools to draw from, rather than going along with our previous and ineffective training methods."

Classes, Workshops & Speaking Events 

Flat Rate Cost: Varies By Location

NO Maximum Participants or Per-Head Cost!


Our Services:

  • Contracted Emergency Managers

    • Our organization provides qualified emergency managers and accredited instructors who can be directly assigned to help your organization identify workplace safety hazards, develop plans and policies to address those hazards, and empower your team through evidence-based training. This includes recommendations on the most up-to-date physical security practices, industrial and chemical hygiene, EHS, technologies, and incident management systems. Available 24/7, our emergency managers prioritize your needs to accomplish your safety mission in-house, both through on-site and remote work. 

  • Onsite & Remote Training Programs

    • All of your employees need training in De-Escalation and Responding to Violence ("Active Shooter Training").

    • Your managers and specialty teams may need advanced training in threat assessment teams, investigation processes, use of force, and other workplace safety practices. Our on-site, in-person De-escalation, Responding to Violence: MED, Incident Command (IS-100, 200 & 700), and Threat Assessment Team training courses are highly sought-after sessions. ​Use of Force sessions, including certification in restraint, OC spray, and control/defensive tactics are available. Force-on-Force SIMS training can be provided to agencies upon request, with advanced firearm certification. 

  • On-Site Risk, Safety and Security Assessments

    • Identify the safety risks most pressing to your organization, and receive​ a report of recommended changes to policy, procedures, physical security (CPTED), technology systems, fire/life/safety equipment, training programs, and other tools your team can implement to reduce or eliminate hazards at minimal cost.

  • Policy and Procedures: Review and Model Documents

    • Your company's legal backbone should align with best practices and current workplace safety standards. ​Our team provides model documents for your modification, adoption and distribution, or can provide suggested modifications to your current procedures.

  • Threat Assessment Team Facilitation

    • Responding to threats or concerns regarding acts of violence requires a professionally led investigation​, a close partnership with several agencies, a sensitivity of communication, and a standardized best-practice approach. Let our emergency managers guide your team to safety through a multi-jurisdictional threat assessment team process, proven effective with students and adults. 

  • Expert Witness Requests

    • Our master instructors and emergency managers serve as expert witnesses ​in a variety of settings, with litigation stemming from workplace violence, inadequate training, improper privacy intrusions or simply as best-practice consultation regarding workplace safety. 

  • Drill and Exercise Facilitation

    • Engaging your team through fun and interactive drills, table-top exercises and functional/full-scale ​exercises improves the working relationship between stakeholders, your teams response during a real event, and cultivates buy-in among your employees regarding your safety program. Our team works with you to build and execute safe drills that will elevate your safety approach to the next level. 


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