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What is a Safety Audit/ Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is a full analysis of the 

very specific risks facing your area of work.  

These hazards are quantified by likelihood of 

occurrence and the severity of their impact.  


This analysis can be multi-risk or single risk,

and allows you to focus your time and

resources addressing critical incidents 

that will have the greatest impact on your 



This analysis is typically made in conjunction 

with a vulnerability assessment, by conducting 

research and analysis of all variables,

including community demographics, national

and local data, interviews, surveys, review of policies and EOP documents, and an in-depth review of current technologies, systems, communications, and building infrastructure.  


Depending on the depth of the analysis and the size of the requesting agency, risk assessments can take hours or several days to complete.


Risks found by the assessment are then addressed by annexes in the EOP, specific training, drills, and exercises.   


Some common risks are:

-Workplace Violence and Violent Intruders


-Water Damage and Flooding

-Hazardous Materials Incident

-Threatening Letter or Package

-Medical Emergency

-Criminal Activity


-Severe Storms

-Bombs and Terrorist Activity


Find more information on our risk assessment standards here: 


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Risk Assessments
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