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Meet the Instructors

Want to know a little more about the TTA's instructors and Emergency Managers?  Scroll down for a short bio and brief background for each of our current team members.



TTA Instructor Greg



Greg is the founder of the Tactical Training Academy and best-selling author of Forged Through Fire: Developing Preparedness for the Perilous Encounter. Greg brings extensive work experience as an emergency manager, security supervisor, and risk manager for local units of government and specialty teams across the US, in addition to managing TTA safety and security projects for clients across three continents.


Greg is a survivor with a first-hand perspective, filtered through his educational background in psychology, the love he has for his family and a desire for peace within his community. His own experience in active shooter and violent circumstances have created a passion to empower others to effectively prevent & respond to violence.


He has conducted and structured countless training sessions, all-hazard risk and vulnerability assessments, drill and exercise programs, threat assessment teams for adults and children, and other emergency programs for businesses as small as your local house of worship and as large as foreign governments. He is adept at cultivating community buy-in for emergency preparedness: engaging first responders, government agencies, and private businesses alike. He is also a confident speaker, experienced in running seminars and conferences for hundreds of managers at a time.

Tactical Training Academy Speakers



As a Master Instructor and Emergency Manager on the West Coast, Steve has shared empowering seminars with a variety of audiences, conducting advanced active shooter and violence mitigation programs in law enforcement, educational, medical, and business settings. Steve joined the TTA with more than 20 years of experience as an instructor, presenter, and published author with his own business and other educational organizations.

Steve’s training in combat and de-escalation tactics help him effectively evaluate risk and develop implementable strategies for risk reduction, prevention, and mitigation.


Steve holds FEMA certification in emergency preparedness and has an in-depth background in Kodokan Judo and edged weapons. He is passionate about the growth and development of his trainees and their spiritual, mental, and physical preparedness for crisis response and full-life.



Instructors for Conferences



Dave is a proficient and motivating trainer, bringing a unique background of teaching experience within the public school system and law enforcement work. 
Dave earned his master’s degree in education, spending the first half of his career working with students before transitioning into full-time law enforcement. Dave specialized on the hostage negotiations team, special investigations, and DUI enforcement, being awarded honors as a Master Patrol Officer and as the DUII enforcement officer of the year. Dave brings a passion for motivating students of all learning types and vast experience teaching in the field as a Field Training Officer and as a classroom teacher. 


Dave is an Emergency Manager and Master Instructor within the Tactical Training Academy and works with a host of businesses, agencies, and local organizations across the United States. Dave specializes in our Violent Intruder programs, empowering managers and students to prevent and act upon early signs of violence. Dave also teaches many of our specialty courses, including incident command and de-escalation.

Tactical Training Academy Instructors



Bud brings a security-specific lens to training and emergency preparedness services provided to TTA clients. As the former Vice President of Development for a WA State based security firm, Bud has overseen over 400 security personnel, and conducted security-specific site safety assessments at hundreds of private locations and government sites. Bud is also heavily involved in community safety and security, with experience serving on homeless alliance committees in several counties, serving on county site safety committees, and being a supervisor over loss prevention services.

Bud has extensive experience in instructing, teaching, supervising and managing high level program elements of the TTA's violent intruder, de-escalation, and advanced tactics membership programs. Bud's primary goal in all his efforts is to serve people by providing them with the necessary resources to conduct their day to day jobs and lives safely.

Tactical Training Academy Instructors



Jeff is the Tactical Training Academy’s Risk Analysis Officer and firearms safety officer, developing risk assessment data, teaching tactics courses, and delivering firearms instruction.  Jeff oversees all safety monitors for our training activities, promoting an educational environment that poses the least amount of liability to participants.  Jeff also uses his professional background as an aerospace analyst to develop quality analytical tools for the TTA risk assessments and hazard evaluation teams.


Jeff is an avid firearms student, utilizing his engineering experience to master the nomenclature and fundamentals of ballistic performance and firearm function. He is adept at long distanced scoped operator instruction and handgun function, working with the National Guard in all small arms use and repair. 


Jeff is also a defensive tactics volunteer instructor, assisting TTA master instructors and instructors with one-on-one personalized instruction during high-volume training environments.

Tactical Training Academy Event Planning



Melissa started as the TTA's marketing and development coordinator. Through a decade of commitment to the TTA, she has become a high-level instructor in de-escalation, violence mitigation, and CQB applications. She brings over seven years conducting sales and marketing practices for non-profit organizations to the TTA team, along with a background in business, communication, and firearms.

You'll find Melissa assisting with scenario based training, working with our clients, coordinating TTA volunteers, and making every participant in the TTA program understand their story is important.  





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