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Recommended Training for

Law Enforcement and Security

Interested in taking your team or agency through specialty training?  


The TTA offers advanced tactics classes, with our most sought after courses

being  active shooter response and de-escalation training. A Master Instructor 

assigned to your session will tailor the training to meet your agencies needs,

and ensure all training is aligned with your use of force policies. 

Training can be as simple as an in-class training session with table-top 

exercises, to multiple-day training events that include force-on-force MOCK

scenes and exercises. 

The TTA can conduct this training on-site, or at our Leadership and

Development Center in Snohomish County, WA. Our team provides all of the gear necessary for a safe & interactive training environment, including required protection equipment, simulation tools (SIRTS and SIMS for handgun/M4 platforms), and 3000 square feet of shoot-house, including low-light, vehicles, and classroom space. View our Facility Use page for additional information on agency use. 

Our mission is to make your training realistic, applicable and empowering, so your officers can act with more confidence and experience when encountering violence. Contact one of our program directors for more information. 

Example 8-hour Force-on-Force De-Escalation Training Outline:

Law Enforcement and Military Training

Training for Security and Recovery Agents

Contact us for a Quote.  

We require at least 6 individuals to conduct training classes.    


If you are a group or company interested in certification,

contact us for a quote.  


We offer in-person classes for Armed Security, Unarmed

Security, and Bail Bonds Recovery Agents.  All TTA classes

meet DOL certification standards for licensing.  Our

instructors are certified trainers through the Department

of Licensing and through the Criminal Justice Training

Commission. These classes are in compliance with all RCW

and WAC specifications.


Some of our most popular classes include:

-Criminal and Case Law

-Firearms (Armed Certification)

-Defensive and Control Tactics

-OC Spray (2mil SHU)



-Field Tactics

-First Aid/CPR/AED

-Pre and Post Assignment Training


Security Training
TTA UTM Force on Force Training
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