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You Want to Keep Training.


MK3 OC Spray, a Law Enforcement carried chemical agent, burns at over 2 million SHU's.  More advanced than pepper spray, it can be good for on-the-job carry or self-defense.  


WARNING: This is NOT a training agent.  This is NOT mace or pepper spray.  Using OC Spray on another individual when it is not legal to do so is an assault.  Please only carry if you have completed an OC Spray operators course through a certified OC instructor. 

Live Trained.  Live True.  Live Tactical.

100% Cotten T-Shirt. 

Available S-2XL

Rubber Training Gun; .45 Cal Model, approximately 1/2 actual weight for safe, realistic defensive tactics training. 

Cold Steel advanced rubber training knife.  K-Bar style.  This knife is a stiff training knife.  Very durable, great tactical training tool for realistic training.  

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