Make a Plan. Practice the Plan.

Many small and mid-sized companies have never heard of an EOP. This stands for an Emergency Operations Procedure, a plan that can be distributed, practiced, and evaluated to prevent and mitigate damage during a critical emergency. Even if you have heard of an EOP, do you have an active shooter or violent intruder specific response in your hazard annex? If you’re not a hospital or a school, it is likely that you don’t. Yet private business and corporations are where the majority of violence happens (27.5%, Federal Bureau of Investigation 2013). If you do have a specific annex for the violent intruder, does it contain accurate information? I hope so. Many schools and businesses are stil

Active Shooters and Workplace Violence

No one wants to talk about it. No one wants to bring it up at the corporate meeting. And certainly no one wants to discuss solutions. Because it is a real problem, and its closer to home than all of us would like. In 2015, there was one week out of the entire year where there was NOT a mass killing in the United States (4+ deaths or injuries). The vast majority of those workplace violence killings are over by the time police arrive. I know you don't want to talk about it. But chances are good if you're reading this, you're a manager or leader in your community and workplace. Since 2000, violent active killers in the workplace have increased by over 600%. We will tell you plainly: If you

TTA Insight: The Power of Justification

The Power of Justification From violence to snapchat, misconduct requires justification. How does a person leave the norms of accepted behavior ending up entrenched in sexual misconduct, threats of violence, or worse? Every problem comes with pain because pain (or the avoidance of it) seems to be the root of most our problems. But is pain abnormal? Does hurt, even if it is deep, cause us to spontaneously abandon the values that shape our lives? A wise friend once said, “The kind of person you are does not show itself during the easy times in your life. It is during the storm where the real you comes forth.” Just the other day, I was turning a beautiful wooden bowl on the lathe. It was an in