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"In this fast-paced, introspective book Burns combines elements of life Vision with gritty advice on how to survive a murderous attack. Internalizing this wisdom will help prepare first responders and civilians to act effectively in a violent incident, and establish a new functional normal afterward."


"I applaud the author, Mr. Burns, for venturing into this subject of preparing for the crisis situations we will all face at one time or another in our lives. The author's experience lends authority to his voice on the subject. We should all be expanding our knowledge and preparedness, and I would like to recommend this book as a place to start, for the author not only gives valuable practical tips for crisis situations but also asks the reader to reflect on their spiritual vision for their life. The author stands strong in his conviction that by clarifying our vision and purpose, our hearts may be strengthened to face those defining moments and enable us to live our everyday lives in a bold awareness rather than trying desperately to avoid or remain blind to our greatest fears."


What does it mean to become someone who lives without fear, a companion of peace throughout any trial? Is such a person possible? More importantly, is it possible for you to become that person? Violent situations are dramatically escalating in the West. There is no assured way of preventing them, no way to avoid them, and no way to ensure success when encountering them. It is a problem for which there is only one solution. It is a solution that whispers to us in every facet of our lives: we must be confident of who we are in light of a greater vision. In Forged Through Fire: Developing Preparedness for the Perilous Encounter, Burns describes real readiness for the active shooter, the serial killer, or the intruder that invades your life. Perhaps even more importantly, Burns calls forth a deep understanding of who we are.

Forged Through Fire: Developing Preparedness for the Perilous Encounter

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