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Quality Training

Indepth, Inexpensive, Internationally Acclaimed

Proud provider of Red Cross

First Aid/CPR/AED certifications

Fire Prevention and Fire Extinguisher Use

Local and Federal Law requires your employees and 

managers to not only have a plan regarding fire 

prevention and mitigation, but also have your 

employees training on this plan annually. 

Fires destroyed over 14.3 Billion dollars of property in 

2015 alone.  The fire department responds to a fire every

23 seconds, yet it only takes seconds for a fire to get out

of control.  

The Tactical Training Academy can provide hands-on, fun, and interactive training for fire prevention and recognition.  Our training includes hands-on fire extinguisher use, knowledge regarding OSHA regulations and fire types, and current fire technology (including evacuation systems, communication, suppression systems, and SIMPLEX panel use).  Our training meets OSHA CFR 1910.157 training requirements.


The TTA provides 24/7 on-call emergency managers that many districts, agencies and businesses rely on. If you're interested in a partnership with our team for multiple services, contact us for a proposal.  

Emergency Preparedness, Fire Extinguisher

First Aid, CPR, and AED Certifications

The Tactical Training Academy offers your personal 

group, organization, or business current First Aid, CPR

and AED certifications.  


Our certification classes are taught by Red Cross

Instructors and current First Responders.  We can tell

you exactly when to call 911, what information to

provide, how to perform emergency care, and how to

prevent the incident in the first place.

We perform adult, child, and infant classes for CPR, First Aid, and AED use.  We bring in the best training equipment so your staff can have hands-on experience with the real thing.  Get a quote of services today. 

Emergency Preparedness, CPR & AED
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