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The importance of an Emergency Management Plan.

Do You Have An Emergency Management Plan?

Emergencies happen.  
Active shooters.  Workplace violence.  Fire.  

Earthquake.  Flooding.  Severe Storms.  

HAZMAT incidents.  Even if it doesn't happen

directly in your facility it may happen nearby

and effect your team. 

During a critical incident, you and your staff

will automatically lose over 60% of their

ability to think.  That is how people die.  There

is only one to avoid this: Having a plan and 

practicing that plan. 

The plan is called an Emergency Operations

Procedure (EOP) and is shared with employees and critical stakeholders, like local first responders and organizations.  With an EOP, situations get handled faster and more efficiently.  EOP's should be desiged and created to reflect the NIMS standard (National Incident Management System).  Critical information, such as maps and hazard annexes, should be in a similar order and design so key stakeholders can have quick access to key resources.  

Your EOP needs to be designed by a team of professionals, who know the risks, the resources, and the most effective solutions to save life and mitigate damage.  These professionals should have direct first-responder experience, be trained by the Department of Homeland security in Incident Command and NIMS standards, and have emergency management experience.  That is why the Tactical Training Academy is your best resource.  Our professionals have direct experience creating, developing, and implementing Emergency Management training on an international level.  We are dedicated to the same mission you are: preventing a critical incident from ever happening and saving lives if it does.  

In 2013 the FBI conducted a study on Active Shooter situations.  One of the most striking things discovered was regarding the correlation between denial and high fatality rates.  Don't wait until it is to late: create a plan, practice the plan, revise the plan.  Repeat.  



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