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Take a Look at the TTA Safety Strategy:

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Creating Emergency Operation Procedures

Already have a plan?  Our team of professionals will look it

over and make sure it meets NIMS and DHS requirements.  

Don't have a plan?  We can help you create one, or build it

for your organization from the ground up.

Need a specific plan for a major event?  We can design it for 

you and bring together the necessary resources. 


We'll cover every part of the process.  We'll organize

meetings with key stakeholders to sign memorandums of

partnership, and conduct risk assessments of your facilities.  

We'll write up the plan and writing up the plan.  We'll help

you train internal managers and help you distribute the plan

to the rest of your team.   

Our organization has partnerships with the most effective resources in the industry, giving your organization the life-saving edge it needs during a critical incident. 

Emergency Preparedness

Charged per hour, varies by location

Conducting Drills and Exercises, Workshops, or Speaking Events

Charged per hour, varies by location

Do you have regularly practiced emergency drills?  The TTA can help you create and implement effective, regularly practiced drills that you can run on your own in a safe manner. 

Do you conduct specialty training with managers?  Your managers need to have hands-on training required by OSHA (fire safety, for example) and for correct emergency procedures and Incident Command.  

Do you conduct company-wide, multi-agency drills?  Local first responders and surrounding agencies should participate in full-scale drills to simulate a real critical event.  The TTA is your first resource to structuring and organizing your drill. 

Practicing your emergency plan and procedure is just as important as having one.  The Department of Homeland Security recommends practicing varying elements of your EOP multiple times a year through drills and exercises.


From table-top exercises to full-scale multi-agency drills, the Tactical Training Academy can create effective scenarios specifically designed to help train your team.  Our professionals can oversee the training, provide actors and monitors, or simply be a critical resource during after-incident debrief.  

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