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Recommended Training for

 Violence in Washington State

Active Shooter Training Oakland
Active Shooter Training Oakland

On-Site Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Training:

Class, Seminar, or Workshop (1-8 Hours)

In summary, our curriculum for violence centers around our expertise in training effective planning, prevention, and response techniques for violence. Our program hones in on two primary types of aggressive human behavior: reactive and targeted based aggression. Within these realms, there exist three key stages that humans progress through under conflict: anxiety, testing, and in rare cases, attack stages. Early recognition of these types of aggression, along with effective strategies to intervene in each stage (and before) encompass our core programs: Violent Intruder MED Training (attack stage), De-escalation Training (anxiety and testing stages) and Threat Assessment Team/EOP Creation (corporate prevention). Our training engages the deliberate brain function of participants through learning new recognition and response behaviors and then helps guide our trainees to “automatic” brain function: being able to actually act within a stressful situation in real life.

All of our Active Shooter training courses are taught by a cadre of professional instructors who hold a variety of Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, and Emergency Management training certifications.  


Customized to your particular facility and the unique challenges of your business, we deliver on-site training where it will be most effective.  Our  MOVE, EVADE, DEFEND program is both empowering and effective during critical situations.  This course is designed specifically for staff and managers.


All of our business programs are customized for your specific business.  Our programs have been proven effective in city halls, court houses, hospitals, manufacturing businesses, international ports, and office spaces.    


Classes, Workshops & Speaking Events 

Flat Rate Cost per Session: Varies By Location

NO Maximum Participants or Per-Head Cost!


Tactical Training Academy HARRP

Al Alvarez

Director of Risk Management, HARRP

"This training is perfect, the best I have ever seen. Bottom line, they gave us a fresh set of eyes and tools to draw from, rather than going along with our previous and ineffective training methods."

De-Escalation Specialty Training

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The only way to win in a violent situation is to prevent it from ever happening to begin with.  Train your senior managers and employees to recognize nonverbal, verbal, and physical cues and then act with confident precision to diffuse escalating situations.  De-Escalation training can be taught in the TTA's usual 2, 4, or 8-hour format, and will empower your employees to prevent violence... not to mention increase overall communication and service skills!

Safety Audits, Risk Assessments, Consultation, or Threat Assessment Team Training

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If you're not quite sure where to start with safety preparedness, we recommend you bring in our team to conduct a safety audit of your business or corporation.  Safety Audits can be specific to violence or include an all-hazards approach, and involve an in-depth look at current policies, procedures, training methods, physical security, technologies, past incidents, liability, documentation, response and recovery methods, compliance to national standards, reporting strategies, and other best-practice models.  


You may also want to consider implementing an in-house employee or student threat assessment team, to analyze and respond to threats your workplace receives.  Are they legitimate?  How do you investigate?  How do you respond?  How do you implement a safety plan while reducing liability?  TTA threat assessment programs provides all the necessary steps for preventing a violent event before it gets out of control. 

IS-100.SC & Other DHS Courses

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All executive level and frontline managers should maintain a current level of knowledge in Incident Command, including certification in IS-100 level courses.  This class, along with interactive table-top exercises, can be delivered on-site in a 2-4 hour course.  This course is interactive, fun, and cultivates an understanding of incident command during critical events.  


This course is recommended every two years for all building administrators.  

Threat Assesment Team
Violent Intrder

Take a Look at the TTA Safety Strategy:

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