This 5 Day operator course covers all topics listed in the TTA Intro and Basics class, Advanced Marksmanship, Conceal Carry, and Movement and Attack courses.  Force-on-Force training, vehicles, and building clearing tactics are integrated throughout, as time allows. 

This 5-Day class Covers: 

  • All elements of:

    • Handgun: Intro and Basics

    • Handgun: Advanced Marksmanship

    • Handgun: Conceal Carry

    • Handgun: Movement and Attack

  • Handgun: Vehicles, Building Clearing, and Force-on-force training will also be touched on. ​

Prerequisites: *None 

Required Gear: Comfortable, warm clothing that allows for physical exertion.  1000 round FMJ or Lead free.  Personal firearm and at least two extra magazines. Other required items will be listed on the course outline. ENSURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR ORDER. Additional class information will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

*Please note this is a 5-Day, M-F Operators class.  

TTA Master Operators Course