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On-Site Active Shooter Training: Hands-On 2, 4 or 8 Hour

0-15 people(flat rates per session, varies by location)

16-35 people: (flat rates per session, varies by location)

50+ people: (flat rates per session, varies by location)

Corporation, School, or Hospital?  Our team of professionals

provides on-site active shooter training designed for your

specific facility, be it manufacturing or a University Campus. 


Non-Profit or House of Worship?  Enjoy an extra discount 

so your employees can attend this life-saving training.


All of our Active Shooter training courses are taught by a

cadre of professional instructors who hold a variety of Law 

Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, and 

Emergency Management training certifications.  


Our courses are customized to your particular facility and 

delivered on-site where they will be most effective.  Our 

MOVE, EVADE, DEFEND program has been proven to be 

empowering and effective in worst-case scenarios.  


In summary, our curriculum for violence centers around our expertise in training effective planning, prevention, and response techniques for violence. Our program hones in on two primary types of aggressive human behavior: reactive and targeted based aggression. Within these realms, there exist three key stages that humans progress through under conflict: anxiety, testing, and in rare cases, attack stages. Early recognition of these types of aggression, along with effective strategies to intervene in each stage (and before) encompass our core programs: Violent Intruder MED Training (attack stage), De-escalation Training (anxiety and testing stages) and Threat Assessment Team/EOP Creation (corporate prevention). Our training engages the deliberate brain function of participants through learning new recognition and response behaviors and then helps guide our trainees to “automatic” brain function: being able to actually act within a stressful situation in real life.



"This training is perfect, the best I have ever seen. Bottom line, they gave us a fresh set of eyes and tools to draw from, rather than going along with our previous and ineffective training methods."

Director of Risk Management, HARRP

Al Alvarez

Active Shooter Training: Hands-On 8 Hour

8 Hour Class 10+ ppl(priced per person, varies by location)

8 Hour Class 20+ ppl (priced per person, varies by location)

8 Hour Class 30+ ppl (priced per person, varies by location)

Our 8 hour Active Shooter session is recommend by our team.  It meets all Department of Homeland security stipulations for NIMS compliant training.  All three 2-hour sessions are taught in a full 8-hour program that is specifically designed and delivered for your facility.  This MOVE, EVADE, DEFEND is both empowering and results oriented, increasing survival rates during violent crisis events. 


Our 8 hour training sessions include up to 5 training scenarios and an optional (recommended) hands-on firearms awareness segment.  Though we are based in the Seattle, WA area, our team travels internationally to deliver our Active Shooter training programs and seminars. 


Our programs are NIMS compliant and address prevention, recognition, response, mitigation, and recovery.  Prevention addresses EOP creation and NIMS standards, physical and technological security, stakeholder agreements, policy distribution, and managerial responses to potential threats.  Recognition involves all suspicious activity regarding terrorist activity, workplace violence, domestic violence, and other pre-attack indicators and effective de-escalation.  Response includes specific training regarding use of force laws, mentality of aggressor and victim’s during an AS incident, and staying out of mental dysfunction to lead other victims.  This includes a full (optional) firearms safety demonstration so your team has experience and confidence being exposed and understanding firearm function. 


This also includes in-depth training on evacuation procedures, lockdown and shelter-in place tactics, physical security measures to assist in evacuation and first aid, and defensive tactics utilizing environmental weapons as a last resort.  We discuss police response, providing information to 911, and how to best assist responding LE and EMS.  We discuss PTSD, counseling, and returning to normal business operations post-incident.

Overall, this program is a great tool to empower and instill confidence in your team.

Safety Audits, Employee/Student Threat Assessment Team Training

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If you're not quite sure where to start with safety preparedness, we recommend you bring in our team to conduct a safety audit of your business or corporation.  Safety Audits can be specific to violence or include an all-hazards approach, and involve an in-depth look at current policies, procedures, training methods, physical security, technologies, past incidents, liability, documentation, response and recovery methods, compliance to national standards, reporting strategies, and other best-practice models.  


You may also want to consider implementing an in-house employee or student threat assessment team, to analyze and respond to threats your workplace receives.  Are they legitimate?  How do you investigate?  How do you respond?  How do you implement a safety plan while reducing liability?  TTA threat assessment programs provides all the necessary steps for preventing a violent event before it gets out of control. 

Violent Intruder, Workplace Violence, Workshops, and Speaking Events

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Do you deal with very specific risks?  Workplace Violence?  

Whether you are a bank, a hospital, or a community outreach center we have recognition and response tactics specifically for your employees.   

Our classes include courses in verbal de-escalation, control tactics, and defensive tactics.  Look at our course catalog for more specific class options.